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About the Artist


Amy Littleton Field was born and raised on the beaches and the redwood forests of the very most remote corner of Northern California.  Instilled by her father with a reverence for the outdoors, her art is most often an interpretation of the places, flora and fauna that are close to her heart. 


After spending her younger years putting her husband through school and raising her children she was just beginning to spread her wings as an artist when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma, a rare and incurable cancer of the plasma cells.  After a year of high dose chemotherapy and back-to-back bone marrow/stem cell transplants, against all odds she went into remission only to be confronted with the collapse of a twenty-seven year marriage and she was forced to start over. Art became the means to heal the scars of a very difficult time in her life.  Her cancer remains, remarkably in remission and she spends her time painting, walking her dogs, hiking and riding her bike, always on the lookout for inspiration in the beautiful Arkansas outdoors.


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